Hearts in Verwood

A picture of a heart

Romantic graffiti in Dorset

I posted this photo on a local FB group, saying it had inspired one of the stories in Briefs – my book of short stories. I’ve been asked for an extract from the story (thanks Derek!) so here it is:

‘But what’s the point?’ Janet asked, returning to the original topic like a dog with a bone. ‘Who on earth is going around painting hearts on anything that doesn’t move, and why? Why bother?’
‘It makes ugly things look beautiful,’ Nicola offered.
‘It cheers people up, lifts their spirits and brightens up their day,’  said Sue, who added crossly: ‘we’ve been over this already.’
‘It makes people think about love,’ Karen said, ‘about their family and friends and how it feels to be loved, to be in love.’
‘That’s quite a lot for a small splodge of red paint to do, don’t you think…

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